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Please feel free to contact us. Please give us as much information as possible regarding you reason for contacting us. If you wish to apply for a consultation to get a tattoo with us - please use our specific form for this purpose. You will find this form by clicking here.

We will endeavour to get back to you a soon as possible. Thank you.

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Here we are asking information about your scar and how your scar affects the way you feel now. This information will allow us to assess how we can help you. All information is confidential.

Please note, we only accept JPG or PNG file formats. Multiple files may be upload with a total size of 2MB.

You will not be disqualified from having a tattoo if you have medical conditions or take medication, but we will need to discuss your medical history with you. Please be honest and open as your welfare is important to us.

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We are looking for people who would be willing to take part in an educational/promotional video of the tattooing process. Is this something you would be willing to discuss further with us? *

Thank you for completing this application form! The Inkredible Foundation provides scar cover up tattoos completely free of charge. All work is done on a voluntary basis or paid for by the Foundation. We do unfortunately have quite a long waiting list at the moment. We are working hard to try and fundraise as much as we can to keep the tattoos free.

If you are wanting your tattoo sooner, and feel you are able to pay for the service and would like to be referred to someone privately. We are happy to discuss this with you.

Have you considered supporting our amazing charity by doing your own fundraiser? if this is some thing you would like to do then please let us know!

There are alternatives to decorative tattooing to cover and treat scars - such are makeup camouflage, camouflage tattooing, nipple tattooing and various treatments to reduce the severity of some scars. We do not provide these services but can sign post you to fantastic people that do!

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Inkredible Testimonials

Amazing tattooist, very talented, great service very professional.

Bernie Almond

Since my first meeting with Kate, I was made to feel like a very special person. The kindness and understanding I received from Kate was amazing. Kate will never understand what she has done for me and how I was feeling about myself changed dramatically once my scar was covered with the most beautiful tattoo ever. Words will never fully be able to show my appreciation to a wonderful, lovely lady. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Janette Blackburn

The Inkredible Foundation

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